Seajin Business Modules

Seajin Technology implements an innovative plan for its business and aims at setting up an out & out technology based company. The business module that our company follows and implements to realize its goal is as follows:


Our business modules are designed keeping in mind the interests of our affiliates. Our aim is to develop a long-term relationship with our affiliates and through this valuable partnership, give our clients the best output. Thus we have
designed our business modules to develop a robust affiliate networking. In fact we understand that ‘Affiliates’ make the main strength of any organization. It is the chain of affiliates that support a company through thick and thin and even bring good will to the company in the greater market. Thus very meticulously in our business modules, we have given a ‘special’ place to our affiliates and even we help the business startups grow their business without much struggle.

E-Commerce Solutions:

E-commerce Solutions consist in the implementation of the Electronic Communication Technology plus processing of the Digital Information Technology in online business transactions. Ecommerce business setups much more than simply a website. It pulls into its circuit myriad other technologies like mobile commerce, electronic data interchange, electronic fund transfer, online transaction processing, inventory management systems, automated data collection systems, online marketing.

Email Marketing:

This is another Marketing mode where an E-Mail is used to put forth a commercial message in the midst of potential customers or current customers. Marketing done via email could be of various types such as: ‘Email Ads’, ‘Business requests’, ‘Donations’, ‘Sales Solicitations’ . The aim of E-Mail marketing again remains to spread brand awareness, build a relationship of loyalty & trust with the customers.

PPC Marketing:

PPC (Pay Per Click) even called Cost Per Click is one model adopted by online marketers or website owners to drive maximum traffic to their site. More precisely the PPC is an online advertising model where the advertiser is paid by the website owner each time an ad is clicked. The more the number of clicked ads are, the more will be the earnings of the advertiser who thus tries his best to canalize traffic to the website by putting up attractive ads.

Search Engine Optimization/Web Promotion:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool through which a website gets its ranking in the top search engines. A search engine optimized website will show better visibility in the organic or natural search results of any good search engine. The higher is the rank of a website in search engine, the higher will be the number of times it shows up in the search engine search results listing. Obviously that site gets more traffic and visibility.

Social Media Marketing:

When social media websites are used for driving traffic to any particular site it is called social media marketing. Of late this has emerged into one of the most popular marketing modes due to the immense popularity of and easy accessibility to social media platforms. It’s cheap, easy and an effective marketing medium.

Online Presence:

When we say ‘Online Presence’, it means a lot of things. A website owner or online marketer’s presence online depends on many things such as design plus development of his website, blogging, PPC Marketing, Link sharing, reputation management, SEO, Social media. All these factors combine to create a positive online presence for any organization, person, brand or product online in a long-span basis.