Our Services

Step into a super hi-tech era with Seajin Technology Services!

The Services that Seajin Technology offers to its clients are bunched up with the aim of keeping its clients in top shape in the field of web-centric technologies. Our services are sophisticated, smart and technologically advanced. Thus when it comes to sophisticated web-based business solutions, corporate clients look nowhere else other than 'Seajin Technology'. Our company services not only focus on one particular area but are diversified over a vast range of fields. Our cutting edge service portfolio consists in many top services to help you lead in the business world. We offer you services like Online Marketing, E-Commerce, Cost per lead, Cost per action, Cost per sale, social media marketing, Pay per click, E-Mail marketing. In a word, we give you all you need to succeed in the business world.


Unique e-commerce applications for business growth

Seajin Technology today stands out as one of best E-Commerce companies in the whole of India. We have reached the peak of fame for using the most advanced technology to develop as well as integrate various types of mission critical E-Commerce solutions plus E-Commerce development and sites for the various renowned business and industrial sectors of the country.

Online Marketing

Best online marketing to show yourself

These days, it is important for all businesses to have their presence ‘online’. We help in that. Our outstanding online marketing solutions help you market your brand, your business online. Through our online marketing tools such as PPC, SEO, SOCIAL Media, you can easily boost your brand visibility, show your business to a huge audience, thereby gaining a boosted traffic inflow

Pay Per Click

PPC Solutions to maximize traffic

Our Pay Per Click or PPC Marketing solutions are directed towards fulfilling your business requirements most ideally. In the present era PPC is one of the most popular and speediest ways to boost the flow of traffic to your website. Our PPC services help you manage your PPC Ad campaign most effectively right from the creation of the Campaign to the final measurement.

Email Marketing

Catchy emails to market business!

You can use informative and attention drawing e-mail newsletters to promote your brand. Our company helps you in that too. We give you innovative email marketing ideas and strategies to help you create engaging emails that can ideally describe your brand. In fact our email marketing tools will help you design great professional looking emails to grab your customer’s attention readily.

Cost Per Lead

CPL Marketing for business growth

Our unique cost per lead marketing tools and strategies too can effectively maximize your business gains. In the case of this type of marketing, you learn how to generate unique leads to drive maximum traffic to one’s site. Our CPL Services will give you the right tools and techniques at finger tips to generate business on the basis of per ‘leads’ payment.

Cost Per Sale

CPS Services for boosting sales.

If your business advertisement is catchy your sales will automatically increase. We give you the right tips and strategies to make the most of your advertisement through our Cost Per Sale Services. If one advertisement for your product or business brings about a sale, the ‘advertiser’ for instance needs to be paid for it. This is what CPS is. Avail our CPS services and reap the benefits!

Cost Per Action

CPA for smart affiliate marketing

Our CPA Marketing tools and strategies will make you a successful affiliate marketer. You bid a commission to your Client, the website owner for each successful action and that commission is your revenue. Our CPA Tools are innovative and will help you learn the ropes of CPA Marketing in a quite fast and hassle-free manner so that you can make quick money online.

Social Media Marketing

Market your business through social media

Marketing of your business on the various social media platforms is a very popular form of marketing these days. We teach all small as well as big businesses how to use the social media in order to reach out to a maximum number of customers. Our social media marketing tools will engage customers to your brand, generating sales and leads for you instantly.